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8 Take Away Thoughts from New Adventures 2012

A few days ago I attended the New Adventures in Web Design conference 2012 in Nottingham. This was my first conference so I didn’t really know what to expect or what I would get out of the experience. Therefore I’m not going to compare this experience to a previous conference or comment on what they could have done or should not have done as I am not aware of the usual conference status quo. Plus I think the team behind the conference did such a wonderful job and I really cannot fault them on any area.

Instead I’ve decided to write about what I took away from the conference in terms of inspiration and professional knowledge. There were 8 speakers at the conference so I thought that I should write about the main point that I took away from each talk. These are of course my own take away thoughts and not necessarily the focus of each talk – although generally speaking, that is the case.

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Designing for Humans

By it’s nature the web can be a pretty cold place. Reading on screen can be hard and websites can look boring at times; and at worst, confusing and uninviting.

When we come across a site that’s different for all the right reasons, it often sticks in our head because it was an enjoyable experience. Can you remember a site that was warm and welcoming? Where the text was clear and easy to read? The navigation was easy to follow? That site was well-designed. Its designer had the end-user in mind at all times during the design process.

There are not always set ingredients which make the perfect website cake, but there’s certainly plenty of ways to improve your website, and in turn, a user’s experience; to make your site a nicer place to be.

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Top 10 Confidence Building Tips

We all have days when we’re not feeling as confident as we’d like. Sometimes it can be hard to say what we really mean or ask for what we want – whether that be with a client, a colleague, or even a friend or family member. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can build up our confidence. Here are my top 10 tips and techniques aimed at website design and development professionals to help you boost your confidence.

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