Christmas Collections #1 – Seasonal Illustration Tutorials

New to Creative Individual for the festive season is our Christmas Collections. We have searched the web for the best of everything Christmas themed. We will be bringing you great collections of festive goodies, including:

  • Illustration Tutorials
  • Wordpress Themes
  • Christmas Icons
  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Fantastic Freebies

The first part of our Christmas Collections is a showcase of fantastic, festive illustration tutorials collected from some of the internet’s best web designers, illustrators and digital artists.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Creative Individual – Enjoy!

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Inspirational, Creative Line-Drawing Animations

Animation can be so varied in its approach and in the techniques it uses to get across its message or concept. In this post I have selected 7 Short Animations which fall into the category of Line-Drawing Animations.

There are of course a few surprises, such as those animations which have included other media to add to the line-drawings. Some of the animations are product advertisements while others are truly creative exploration; but all of the short animations are highly creative and truly inspirational.

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Rallying & Racing – Super Sexy Websites In Black

The world of rallying and motorbike racing has quite a following, and it’s not surprising when you think about it – quarter million pound cars, super bikes, neck breaking speeds, sexy women in leather, mind-blowing collisions, deliciously designed vehicle decals, a champagne shower for the victors – what’s not to like?

All this gives the industry an exclusive and luxurious demeanor. So it’s not surprising that this fast-paced form of entertainment also has some mouth-watering website designs. Check out the collection…

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Make a Print-Ready, 1 Colour Business Card in Adobe Illustrator

Create a stylish one colour business card using Adobe Illustrator. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a professional looking business card using just a few simple tools in Illustrator. It also explains some of the technical terminology such as bleed and quiet zone.

In this tutorial you will create a stylised business card using only Magenta ink (you could also use just Cyan, Yellow or Black) and then prepare the file for print, ready to send to a professional printers. Also included are the source files for you to use.

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Mid-week Inspiration – Illustration in Website Design

It’s that time of the week again! This instalment of mid-week inspiration from Creative Individual is a bumper collection of websites which put illustration to good use. I have selected websites that use a variety of different illustration styles – so there’s something for everyone. Plus many of the websites use their illustrations in unusual and exciting ways – for that extra bit of mid-week inspiration. This week’s theme is ‘Illustration in Website Design’. Enjoy!

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A Beginner’s Guide to jQuery

Are you new to jQuery? Then check out the Creative Individual Beginner’s Guide to jQuery and start learning the basics of this fantastic and powerful JavaScript library now. This jQuery Beginner’s Guide includes links to jQuery Resources and Documentation, Tutorials and Ready-to-use Examples, a fantastic Cheat Sheet for jQuery 1.4.2, and information on linking to the Google and Microsoft hosted jQuery libraries.

This beginner’s guide gives you everything you need to get started on becoming a proficient jQuery user and developer. What more could you ask for!

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Mid-week Inspiration – Paper Textures in Web Design

It’s that time of the week again! The second instalment of mid-week inspiration from Creative Individual this week is a selection of websites which show just how effective a little bit of texture can be when bringing your website to life! This week’s theme is ‘Paper Textures in Web Design’. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Confidence Building Tips

We all have days when we’re not feeling as confident as we’d like. Sometimes it can be hard to say what we really mean or ask for what we want – whether that be with a client, a colleague, or even a friend or family member. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can build up our confidence. Here are my top 10 tips and techniques aimed at website design and development professionals to help you boost your confidence.

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Mid-week Inspiration – Sites in Blue

Welcome to the first instalment of mid-week inspiration from Creative Individual. This section will contain exciting and well-designed sites that I come across during my journeys across the web. This week’s sites follow the theme of ‘Sites in Blue’. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Creative Individual

The Creative Individual blog is up and running. You can expect lots of cool and exciting stuff, including step-by-step tutorials, interviews with industry leaders, showcases of great art and design, questionnaires and debates, and much, much more!

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