Christmas Collections #2 – Icons, Wallpapers & WordPress Themes

Welcome to the second issue of Christmas Collections from Creative Individual. In this issue we’ll have some of these lovely seasonal goodies:

  • Christmas Icon Packs
  • Winter Wonderland Wallpapers
  • Two Festive WordPress Themes

If you missed the previous instalment of Christmas Collections, don’t worry, you can view it here:

Christmas Icon Packs

Christmas icon packs are great! With a little imagination they can do so much more than adorn your website. You can use them to quickly create a festive card or e-card. You can add them to your customers’ promotional materials. You can spice up your Christmas message on your company newsletter or e-newsletter. You can even have them turned into stickers to use as quirky freebies. So just check out the list of icon packs below and let your imagination run wild!

Smashing Christmas Icon Sets

3 beautifully designed icon sets from Smashing Magazine, with a professionally high-quality finish; including a stunning set by SoftFacade as shown below.

Free Smashing Christmas Icon Set

Another icon set from Smashing Magazine full of great little icons. These are sure to fulfil any festive design need you may have this Christmas.

Icons for the Holidays: “Xmas Stickers”

Such a unique set of Christmas Icons, this time from Web Designer Depot.

Icons for the Holidays: “Xmas Festives”

Another Christmas Icon Set from Wed Designer Depot – these are again finished to a very high standard!

Christmas Icons Collection from Smashing Magazine

One more from Smashing Magazine; this time it is a collection of various different icon sets, including RSS Feed icons, Social Network icons, iPod icons, and tiny Santas.

Free Christmas Icons For You

Exactly that, free Christmas Icons for you from Web Designer Wall.

Free Christmas Icons

Our last set of Christmas Icons comes from These free icons are of a surprisingly high quality, as illustrated below:

Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

Why not get into the spirit of the season and give your desktop a Christmas Wallpaper? There are lots of different styles out there, from comical and cartoony, to very stylish and very unusual. So give your desktop a Winter Wonderland theme with one of the wallpapers below.

Christmas Wallpaper 1 – Abduzeedo

The first of our two Christmas wallpapers from Abduzeedo, this wallpaper makes a fantastic use of the candy-cane pattern to spell out a simple Christmas message.

Christmas Wallpaper 2 – Abduzeedo

The second Christmas wallpaper from Abduzeedo is a very stylish illustration of a Christmas tree and a little Santa Claus, and definitely deserves a place on your desktop!

Christmas Wallpapers – Smashing Magazine

A bumper collection of Christmas wallpapers from Smashing Magazine, including this one from VladStudio.

Gorgeous Vector HD Christmas Wallpapers

Lava360 has some phenomenally highly-finished vector wallpaper designs on its Christmas wallpapers post.

Christmas Wallpapers – Let’s Make Beautiful Desktop

Our last collection of Christmas desktop wallpapers comes from DzinePress. And contains perhaps some of the most usual desktop wallpapers – but in my opinion, perhaps also some of the most beautiful designs too!

WordPress Christmas Themes

Are you using WordPress on your blog or website? Then why not add a Christmas theme for the festive period? I’ve included two below, both of which are from Smashing Magazine.

Christmas Collections #3

Our next Christmas Collections post will contain some great links to LOTS of Festive Freebies and some Christmas inspiration too. So make sure you come back for more from Creative Individual.

Until part 3, enjoy the festive season and best wishes from Creative Individual.

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